ERIS in-row power harrow shatters the soil without shifting it towards the center of the row, ensuring in this way a deep and effective cultivation. Recommended for vineyards, it allows the operator to eradicate weeds in case of hard soil as well as to refine the ground without creating clods.

Eris is recommended for orchards, vineyards and any plantation arranged with row system. The machine swings out 140 cm (55 in.) from the center of the tractor and therefore can be used within a row spacing from 220 to 300 cm (86 to 118 in.).

MOD. 3E O 4E


  • Self-contained hydraulic system (reservoir + pump)
  • Automatic tool retraction when touching the plant and manual tool retraction through an electro-hydraulic distributor.
  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment through the tractor distributor.
  • Sensing rod sensitivity adjustment.
  • Speed adjustment
  • Steel gauge wheels
  • Drive shaft